IHC Engineering Business

As part of Royal IHC (IHC), IHC Engineering Business (IHC EB) designs, builds and supplies specialist equipment for offshore oil and gas, submarine telecoms, and renewables industries. Projects typically include the design, manufacture and supply of bespoke offshore systems - including pipe and cable-lay equipment, subsea trenching machines and complete integrated ship systems.  

Based in Stocksfield near Newcastle, IHC EB is at the forefront of innovation in the oil and gas sector and is also heavily involved in responding to the needs of the leading renewable offshore energy operators. IHC EB has enjoyed great success recently and in turn so has the opportunity for growth and development for the business.

Recent Innovations

Most recently IHC EB has developed the patented Hi-Traq which is specifically designed for the shallow water operations

Check out IHC EB'S  Hi-Traq



News & Events

Trenching on the level

Hi-Traq has been featured in the new edition of Eureka Magazine 

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Hi-Traq has been featured in this months issue of Wind Energy Network

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Royal IHC successfully launches 5,500m³ trailing suction hopper dredger ILEMBE for TNPA

The naming and launch ceremony of the 5,500m³ trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) ILEMBE took place on Saturday 9...

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