• Handling systems

Handling systems

IHC EB has extensive experience with the provision of Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS) for subsea vehicles. This includes LARS for seabed ploughs and trenchers of varying weights and sizes. In addition to vehicle LARS IHC EB has also produced a variety of Bulky Item Handling equipment for the deployment of pipeline PLETs and PLEMs. On the back of this experience IHC EB is ideally provisioned to supply bespoke specialised equipment for offshore handling.

IHC EB has a proven track record of delivering innovative A-frame based systems used to handle a wide range of equipment from ROVs to the largest cable ploughs in conditions up to and beyond Sea State 5.


IHC EB's experience in offshore handling stretches beyond the supply of vehicle launch and recovery systems. It has previously provided a variety of specialist handling systems for a diverse range of offshore tasks, such as PLET installation.


The offshore wind industry presents many challenges for the safe, efficient and cost effective installation of equipment. IHC EB has proven expertise in developing and supplying innovative handling solutions for the construction of offshore wind farms.