• IHC Engineering Business

IHC Engineering Business

Based in Stocksfield near Newcastle, IHC EB is at the forefront of innovation in the oil and gas sector and is also heavily involved in responding to the needs of the leading renewable offshore energy operators.

IHC Engineering Business (IHC EB) delivers bespoke engineering solutions for complex offshore applications. We work with clients across the offshore oil and gas, submarine telecoms and renewable offshore power industries.

We take them on a full customer journey from concept development, product delivery and through to life cycle support.

Our core expertise includes pipe and cable lay, subsea trenching and offshore handling. We deliver innovative equipment that provides a commercial and technical advantage; working in partnership with customers on projects ranging from fully integrated vessel systems to the rapid supply of sub-systems.

IHC has over 3,000 employees based at various locations in The Netherlands, Brazil, China, Croatia, France, India, Malaysia, the Middle East, Nigeria, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Technological innovation will remain the company's underlying strength through its continuous investment in research and development. Moreover, it helps to safeguard a sustainable environment.