IHC Engineering Business designs and builds offshore carousels for the spooling and storage of power cables, umbilical’s, rigid and flexible products. Incorporating innovative features, our carousel systems have an excellent track record of safe, reliable and rapid installation of products.

Our current portfolio includes carousel designs with capacities ranging from 500 to 7,000 tonnes varying across both reel and basket type designs for above deck and below deck installation. Tailored spooling solutions ensure optimal deck space utilisation. Examples of such system include combined level-wind compensator towers, incorporating two equipment items into one, thus reducing the overall deck footprint.

IHC EB carousels are designed to ensure maximum productivits and minimum downtime. Innovative features ensure IHC EB carousels operate in a wide weather window where vessels experience significant accelerations. These innovative features range from compliant roller mountings, adjustable core diameters, hydraulically adjustable roof positions and also modular design to reduce mobilisation time.