• Subsea technologies

Subsea technologies

The IHC Subsea technologies product portfolio includes a wide range of technologies specifically developed for offshore energy, telecoms, deep sea mining and salvage industries. Offering cable and pipeline ploughs, tracked trenchers and dredge crawlers for IRM and decommissioning activity amongst other specialist equipment.


IHC EB's Sea Tempest Shallow-Water Jet sled is designed for the application of pipeline burial in soft seabed conditions. The Sea Tempest uses high-pressure surface-fed water through forward facing jetting nozzles to fluidise the seabed and thus allow product burial.

The Sea Stallion Cable plough range has set new standards in submarine cable installation and protection. IHC EB has developed models for the successful burial of both submarine telecom and larger diameter subsea power cables up to 3m below the seabed.


IHC EB engineers have developed a wide range of pipeline ploughs and backfill ploughs to allow the burial of pipelines in a wide range of seabed conditions. IHC EB’s extensive experience has been utilised in the upgrade and modification of previously designed ploughs as well as the design and manufacture of the world leading Sea Titan systems.


IHC EB has developed and delivered a number of self-propelled tracked trenching machines featuring both surface-fed and vehicle-based power systems. These machines are used in a variety of applications from oil and gas pipeline installations to offshore wind farm inter-array cable burial.


IHC EB is in the process of developing a range of subsea tooling for Inspection, Repair and Maintenance (IRM) and decommissioning activities. Please continue to return to this section to monitor these developments as they are released.


IHC EB provides custom power and control cabins to accompany the subsea systems. Our power and control cabins are ISO 20ft containers to ease mobilisation/de-mobilisation and to increase vessel deck space.